Dear Editor:

It will come as no surprise to regular readers of the letters to the editor column that Chuck Wemstrom wants higher taxes (Nov. 20-21 Mirror-Democrat/Times-Journal).

I suppose if I had a fat union pension exempt from the state income tax, I might also push for higher income taxes. Still, the push for ever higher taxes in the face of the recent tax hikes by the Chicago oligarchy ruling in Springfield raises a few questions.

Why the big push for higher state taxes now? Is it to get the tax hikes in place to beat the possible election of one of the Marxists running for president on the Democrat ticket with the ruinously high federal tax hikes that would entail?

Given that the state just hiked the income tax, does anyone believe that the call for a progressive income tax means anything but ever higher taxes, especially as the "millionaires and billionaires" decamp to friendlier climes like Florida and Texas with no state income tax?

For those like Chuck Wemstrom who believe we "desperately need" Medicare for all, check out the sticker price of Bernie Sanders' or Elizabeth Warren's plans.

If the cost of nationalized health care isn't enough, are we to believe the Feds will run the health care system better than they run the VA system? Periodic VA scandals dating back decades raise doubts.

Perhaps the annual "winter crisis" of the British National Health Service is what Chuck had in mind, with only 83.6% of ER patients treated within four hours in October or nearly 10% of suspected cancer patients waiting more than two weeks for an oncology evaluation in September.

When one considers the costs of socialized medicine, the so-called Green New Deal, "free" education from pre-school through graduate school, guaranteed income schemes, and all of the other goodies the Democrat Santas are promising, there ain't enough money in the country to pay for them.

If we fall for calls to vote for a progressive state income tax, we may all find ourselves asking, "How can we be so stupid?"

David Hanson