Dear Editor:

Valentines Day is fast approaching, and we of the Mount Carroll Community Foundation (MCCF) are thinking of the many special people our community has lost in the last few years. These people cared about Mount Carroll and made many contributions in the form of time, effort, and in some cases treasure.

In their honor, please consider making a memorial contribution to the MCCF because know that your gift will keep giving to the community they loved.

The MCCF publishes a special Memorial Section in the Carroll County Mirror-Democrat honoring those whose lives and special interests have been memorialized through their efforts to make Mount Carroll a better place to live.

Please consider making a memorial donation in his or her name to the MCCF Impact Fund to honor your and their perpetual commitment to Mount Carroll. You will help keep that person's spirit and memory alive.

Grants from the MCCF Impact Fund are used to provide for a broad range of community programs including education, health, arts and historic preservation.

To help with the MCCF's Memorial Section and to highlight your gift in memory of those before us, please consider making a memorial donation before the end of February. You can mail a donation to the Mount Carroll Community Foundation, P.O. Box 123, Mount Carroll, IL 61053.

If you have any questions, please call Mike Risko at 815-244-1767 or Doug Bergren at 815-541-4379.

Thank you for your consideration and generosity.

Board of Directors,

Mount Carroll

Community Foundation