Dear Editor:

I read the letter written by Carol and John Gloor which was printed in the Sept. 23-24 Carroll County Mirror-Democrat and Savanna Times-Journal with considerable interest.

It’s a well-written letter, but people should keep in mind that it’s just the opinion of those who wrote and submitted it. I have a different opinion concerning voting on The Fair Tax Amendment.

As stated in the Gloors’ letter, we must remember that the reason the state of Illinois has a large amount of unfunded debt for the state pension plan is, as the Gloors point out, due to failure of the state government to match the money that state workers contributed over the decades as it was deducted from their paychecks.

There have been many such instances over the past decades of the state government making promises to taxpayers that were not honored. And now we’re supposed to believe that taxes won’t ultimately be raised on the middle class if the new Fair Tax Amendment is passed. Nothing in the amendment prevents that.

I can’t believe such a promise based on a pattern of behavior from state government for very many years. Once the state realizes that they’re not getting the revenue they want or need from increasing taxes on the wealthy, the middle class will be the next in line to pay. It’s a version of the “bait and switch.”

Things might be different if some of the promises were in the form of laws. As it stands now, it amounts to a person getting advice on the security of his hen house from a fox. We shouldn’t think of voting yes on the Fair Tax Amendment until it’s amended to guarantee the promises.

Bob Stretton