Dear Editor:

There are many wonderful things about our corner of the world here at the edge of the Driftless region. Gorgeous parks, friendly people, local shopping, and we definitely have the best sunsets.

However, among the many reasons this local girl returned home to start her own family was not the delightful winter weather — it was our Mount Carroll District Library.

Growing up here, I always knew our library to be a comfortable, welcoming place full of resources for expanding my world beyond our own county.

I am so grateful to say that my own children have also had this experience. We have been dedicated attendees of Wednesday morning Tot Time and the train set and games collection is our go-to on a rainy day.

I love walking through those library doors, although I must confess I am guilty of more than one late return on the multitude of books and movies I have checked out over the years.

I am absolutely thrilled that our beautiful, historic library building has the opportunity to become an even larger and more accessible facility for our entire community to gather, to learn, and to play.

We are fortunate to have such a resource here and we must all do our bit to ensure this resource grows and stays strong for future generations as well.

(As of Friday, Jan. 15, a total of $681,300 has been raised for Rehab & Expand 2021, with $498,700 still to go, Library Board President Laurel Bergren said.)

Jennifer Robinson

Mount Carroll