Dear Editor:

Pat Wemstrom misses the point with her demand for a source that Joe Biden shut down an investigation of Hunter Biden (“No actual evidence for writer’s claim,” Feb. 10-11 Mirror-Democrat/Times-Journal).

Conveniently, that deflects attention from a clear conflict of interest in Biden’s intervention in the Ukrainian corruption investigation.

Pat admits that Biden “leveraged $1 billion in aid to persuade Ukraine to get rid of its main prosecutor, Viktor Shokin, because Shokin was not pursuing corruption among Ukraine’s major politicians.” The video of his proud boast that he did so was broadcast frequently during President Trump’s first impeachment, although perhaps not on MSNBC. It doubtlessly lives on YouTube.

Shokin was investigating Burisma Holdings for corruption. Burisma employed Hunter Biden as a board member while Joe Biden was Obama’s pointman for anticorruption efforts in Ukraine, despite Hunter’s lack of knowledge of the gas business or Ukraine. He was being paid $50,000 per month for this utter lack of knowledge.

Even a senescent geezer like Joe Biden would not be stupid enough to admit he shut down a corruption investigation to protect his son, so he used the dubious explanation that the investigation wasn’t targeting the right people. This may explain Pat’s inability to find a source for Biden demanding that Ukraine stop an investigation of Hunter. One needn’t invoke Jewish conspiracies to see the possibility that a money laundering investigation might uncover bribery in a corrupt organization. The inherent conflict of interest in Joe Biden’s charge to oversee anticorruption efforts in Ukraine versus his paternal interest in protecting a troubled son employed by a corrupt Ukrainian company being investigated should be apparent.

In a Chicago expatriate, Pat’s credulity in being unable or unwilling to connect dots spaced this closely is inexplicable. Perhaps she also believed Richard J. Daley’s explanation that the diversion of the city of Chicago’s insurance business to his son’s insurance agency was simply a business decision. “What kind of a world is it where a man can’t put his arm around his son and help him…?”

David Hanson