Dear Editor:

The Eastland High School Cinema Club is sponsoring a unique and intriguing fundraiser this year: The Traveling Potty. Club members have been decorating old toilets and transforming them into works of art. If you are one of the lucky few chosen as "victims" for the traveling potty, one of the toilets will be dropped off in your front lawn.

In order to get the embarrassing lavatory out of your yard, you must put $10 in the collection envelope delivered to your home and the toilet will be removed by our club within 24 hours. If you want to make sure that the toilet never returns to your home, you can pay an additional $10 as insurance money.

If you want to play a trick on your friends or neighbors, you can pay another $10 to select the next traveling potty victim. There will be a form included on the toilet where you can check the options you desire. If you have questions, call MacKenzie Byer at 815-291-0484.

Cinema Club was established in 2015 by Eastland High School English teacher William McLain and a small group from Eastland's Class of 2018. The Cinema Club meets once or twice a month and members gather to watch movies, have conversation and eat good food. The club provides a safe place for all students grades 10-12 to view and discuss classic and current movies.

During the viewings, members can ask questions or bring up points about a particular movie that they found interesting, often sparking deep and thought-provoking conversations. Funds raised from the traveling potty will help pay for the club's trip to the Beloit International Film Festival for the third year in a row, movies and supplies used during viewings.

Erin Henze

Eastland High School