Dear Editor:

The Savanna-based Support Our Students did a fantastic job analyzing the Chicago-based architect's proposals and coming up with alternative suggestions.

I would urge the West Carroll Board of Education to follow the recommendations of the SOS and the West Carroll Education Association. I cannot understand why the West Carroll Board would be using a firm from Chicago when there are firms much closer.

Hopefully they understand architects usually charge a fee of 10 percent of the project cost, which means that the more expensive the project, the more money they make. Also, they usually add 10 percent to their estimates to cover contingencies.

Many of the items the architect included were not life-safety issues nor something needing immediate attention. Commercial cafeteria equipment can be purchased on the secondary market at a fraction of the cost of new equipment.

The SOS recommendation to sell the administrative building makes perfect sense.

Dr. Arthur C. Donart


Dr. Donart is a former superintendent of the Thomson School District 301.