Dear Editor:

What is going on in my hometown of Savanna, Illinois? I’m getting texts from old friends asking to sign a petition to keep Savanna High School open.

I’m reading the Savanna Times-Journal and we cannot afford $14,000 for a new dishwasher that’s been going and going for the last 60 years? The students are now eating on disposable plates?

When the West Carroll consolidation happened, and I wasn’t happy about that, this was supposed to rectify these issues. We were going to be operating in the black and now we can’t cough up enough dough to wash plates?

The school is used nine months out of the year and we can’t get it together to get the school operation ready for the upcoming year?

I worked under JTPA and I remember a summer of scraping gum off the bottom of desks in Lincoln School, standing in three inches of cleaning and stripping solvent to get Lincoln ready for the next school year.

Chestnut Park School is gone, Avenue School is gone, Lincoln School is gone and now we are going to close the last piece of rich school history in Savanna High?

I gave my teachers a hard time but I’m damn proud to be a Savanna Indian and now we have all this trouble; it’s not only concerning, it’s ridiculous. The administration has to get it together! We need our teachers, we need our schools and we need to take a good hard look at ourselves to get the mission accomplished.

If I have to pay money out of my pocket and help raise funds to get the $14,000 so our children can eat on clean plates, then contact me. I will be more than happy to help raise the funds because this is absolutely brutal to witness. It’s embarrassing.

Clay Koenig