Dear Editor:

Many of your readers in Carroll County have recently received a "legislative update" newsletter from Tony McCombie, state representative for the 71st district.  In this newsletter, McCombie proclaims herself a champion of growth and environmental conservation, as well as standing up for DCFS and Adult Protective Service Workers. While the last statement is correct, McCombie's voting record shows her to be anything but what she claims to be.

Regarding the environment, McCombie voted against SB9, which makes coal ash a toxin, the use of which must be regulated by the EPA, and against HB840, which requires the owner/operators of nuclear plants to provide their decommissioning report (when a plant is closed) to the Illinois Commerce Commission, and she even voted against HB 2276, which prohibits smoking in vehicles where minors are present, even though the police may not stop a vehicle for a violation of this statute.

So keep on dumping that coal ash into our rivers, all of which eventually end in the Mississippi, keep on closing those nuclear plants without us knowing what's still there and may be dangerous, and, best of all, keep on smoking even though the kids are choking in the back seat.

Regarding growth, McCombie voted against HB62, which appropriated massive funds for infrastructure improvements. So keep on loving those potholes. And apparently McCombie's concern for workers is extremely limited, as she voted against SB1, which increases the minimum wage to $15 per hour, applies only to workers over age 18, and phases in gradually until 2025. So keep on working those two or three jobs to make your rent and utilities, and if you can't, just tough luck.

Lastly, McCombie advocates voter suppression. She voted against giving kids, otherwise entitled to vote, two hours to leave school to do so, and against SB2090, which would allow otherwise qualified voters in jail to vote by mail.  (Jails are where persons are held until their hearings occur; jail occupants have not yet been convicted of the charges brought against them.) 

So hang onto that voter registration card, especially if you end up in jail, because you can't make bail on those two $8/hour jobs you're working. Shame on you, McCombie.

Carol L. Gloor