Dear Editor:

I was glad to see that retired Judge Richard DeMoss admitted that he was a partisan Conservative Republican in his letter to the editor (Oct. 21-22 MDTJ). He certainly let that partisanship show when he questioned my courtroom experience, a subject on which he has no direct knowledge.

First, Judge DeMoss retired from the bench in 2002. I was not admitted to the Illinois bar to practice law until 2006. So, the judge was not even on the bench when I became an attorney or for the past 15 years.

Second, I was a public defender for seven years wherein I handled hundreds of criminal and abuse cases and I tried many of these cases in both bench and jury trials. In addition to that, I have handled hundreds of other legal matters both in and out of the courtroom as a private attorney for the past 15 years.

While jury trials are important, they are infrequent and a small part of being either a judge or an attorney. I simply am not aware of any professional who works at least six days a week for at least 10-hour days for nearly 15 years who is not otherwise highly experienced in their trade.

While I have great regard for retired Judge DeMoss and his recommendation of me to the Timber Lake Playhouse board of directors nearly 11 years ago, for which I am still heavily involved in, I am deeply hurt that he would use his status as a retired Judge to assert a falsehood on behalf of my opponent to harm me and my business here in Carroll County. Of all the negative, false, and misleading assertions made against me during this campaign, this misleading and admittedly political statement by the judge has been the most egregious.

Betsy Shaulis