Dear Editor:

Your Savanna Veterans Memorial Committee will be resuming construction on the community veteran's memorial very soon now that spring is here. We hope to have the memorial nearly completed by November of this year, though some final work in the parking area and access road may be delayed until 2020.

Committee Chair Jeff Doran recently stated that, "Although the memorial park will be largely finished by Veterans Day this year, the Committee has decided to hold off on the official opening and dedication ceremony until Memorial Day 2020."

Paul Mayer, Committee Treasurer, pointed out at a recent meeting that the memorial park has never been officially named. Most local residents simply refer to the memorial as the Savanna Veterans Memorial Park. A community newspaper article from June 2017 suggested the name Patriots Park. Others have proposed Patriots Point.

After a brief discussion at our March meeting, the Memorial Committee decided to seek the public's input before officially choosing a name for the park. The Committee would like to hear from you, the community.

What do you think is an appropriate name for a memorial dedicated to those who are serving or have served the Armed Forces of the United States of America? As Todd Swanson, the group’s initial project chair stated at the beginning of the project, "This undertaking is all about honoring our community of veterans, past and present. It's about commemorating our living vets and remembering those who have passed, were killed or are missing in action."

The Committee would appreciate hearing your thoughts and ideas before it chooses the official name for the veteran's park. The goal is to make the final decision by the end of April and announce the new name during the first week of May through the Savanna Times-Journal, Carroll County Mirror-Democrat, WCCI and other local newspapers.

So, give us a call, send a text or email and let us know your suggestion. It can be one of the names mentioned above or something totally new, different and creative.

Call or text 815-666-7598 or send an email to We welcome your ideas and assistance with this important decision. We look forward to hearing from you.

The Savanna Veterans Memorial Committee