Dear Editor:

David E. Hanson speaks of Joe Biden's "admission that he called the Ukrainian president demanding he shut down an investigation of his son's cozy Burisma Holdings deal if he expected U.S. aid" in his letter to the editor (‘Another aspect of presidential pardons’ Jan. 21 Times-Journal).

David, for once, should consult some unbiased fact check sources before he spouts off. USA Today, for example, has labeled the above claim "false."

In March 2016, carrying out official U.S. policy, Vice President Biden leveraged $1 billion in aid to persuade Ukraine to get rid of its main prosecutor, Viktor Shokin, because Shokin was not pursuing corruption among Ukraine's major politicians.

And at the time, Burisma Holdings was being investigated for money laundering focused on 2010-12. Hunter Biden joined the board in 2014 and was not a subject of the investigation.

The Associated Press reports that Senate Republicans found no evidence that Joe Biden had pressured Ukraine in order to protect his son.

I'd be interested in David's source for Biden's alleged "admission."

Pat Wemstrom

Mount Carroll