Dear Editor:

Voters in Carroll County have the opportunity to add an enthusiastic, fair-minded judge, Betsy Shaulis, to our courtrooms.

At the same time, we get to keep Judge Kane as appointed judge. A vote for Shaulis does not remove Kane from his current position as judge.

I have worked alongside Betsy Shaulis in her campaign for circuit judge and can assure voters Betsy cares deeply about this county and works tirelessly in all efforts she pursues, including this judicial race.

Her penchant for fairness is second to none. She capably and responsibly represents clients, and will bring those same qualities to her courtroom.

Judge Kane likewise has served clients, and currently serves litigants, well in this county. Voting for Shaulis in the upcoming election assures we will have both of these candidates as our county judges.

Lynn Collins