Dear Editor:

Members of a voluntary group from Carroll County called the Concerned Citizens of Carroll County (CCCC) are urging local governing bodies to take action regarding restrictions set by Gov. Jay Robert Pritzker in his May 5 executive order.

The CCCC is made up of nearly 230 Carroll County residents and business owners from Chadwick, Lanark, Milledgeville, Mount Carroll, Savanna, Shannon and Thomson. Members of the CCCC are representative of all political persuasions.

Members of the CCCC have contacted and urged the Carroll County Board and municipal governments in each city or village within the county to ease or remove restrictions set by Gov. Pritzker so that local businesses and entities can open with reasonable restrictions, if any, as soon as possible.

Members of the CCCC made contact with the local governing entities by way of a letter dated May 18. In this letter, the CCCC requests each governing body to do the following:

1. Promulgate a resolution in opposition to Gov. Pritzker's May 5 five-phase regional plan to re-open the state on a gradual and regional basis; and 2. Prepare a resolution that supports a reopening of all aspects of the Carroll County economy, including, but not limited to, religious gatherings, as soon as practicable.

Members of the CCCC also request to be present at the governing body's next board meeting so that discussion of the consequences of the governor's restrictions on small businesses and individuals in Carroll County can occur. The CCCC deems all business in the county to be essential.

Any questions regarding membership and continued tasks of the voluntary group may be directed to any one of the following members, Tim and Rebecca Reese, owners of On the Move Fitness Center at 815-493-8213; Rock Creek-Lima Supervisor Dan Sweitzer at 815-275-2683; Lou Lamoreux of Lamoreux Farms at 815-275-1157; Lance Grisham at 815-493-6080; or Kipp Meyers and Betsy Shaulis, owners of Meyers & Shaulis, P.C. at 815-493-2334.

Betsy Shaulis