Dear Editor:

In collaboration with West Carroll students, staff, teachers, administration, board members, and community organizations of Carroll County, we are pulling all of our talents together to raise money for West Carroll students who are fighting against cancer.

Based upon the Fox Show "The Masked Singer," Devin Findlay (who is now the host) had the incredible idea to produce a similar show through West Carroll. FFA teacher Christina Polk had the idea to make it a fundraiser. Now we would love your help and support to participate by viewing, voting and donating.

How it works. Starting Monday, March 1, for four weeks, West Carroll students will watch an episode of The Masked Voice during the school day. At 7 p.m. CST, the entire community will be able to view the episode on YouTube with a link available via WCThunder Productions Facebook Page.

Students, community members and businesses will be able to donate either at school or online via a platform partnered through Timber Lake Playhouse. The top five contestants who raised the most money by that Thursday afternoon, will move on to the next week. On Friday we will announce the top five and make a grand reveal of the contestant that lost. The final episode will premiere on March 26 and our grand champion will be revealed.

Our goal? Every dollar raised will be split equally between families. Our goal is to raise $5,000!

Who are these Masked Voices? Is it the captain of the football team? Is it the president of Student Council? Is it the Middle School principal? These six contestants are made up of six members of the West Carroll School District. From students to board members, anyone could be a contestant.

The Why? As beautifully stated by our Supt. Mrs. Julie Katzenberger: "As a West Carroll community, we should always care for one another and lift each other up in difficult times. When adults lead with acts of kindness, our students gain a sense of community, family and togetherness."

When asked why community members outside of the West Carroll District should participate, Mrs. Katzenberger stated, "Community members outside of West Carroll are encouraged to contribute to the greater good of health and wellness for children battling childhood illnesses, namely cancer. Any donation amount would be greatly appreciated to assist in offsetting the high costs of healthcare and travel expenses for local families. Thank you for your support!"

For any additional information and comments contact, please feel free to contact Co-Chairs Robert McFletcher-Jones, WCHS Choral and Drama Director at 815-273-7715, and Amber Findlay 2nd Grade/Video Producer at 815-273-7747, or email us at

Major thank you to Facemakers Inc. for sponsoring the Costumes and Timber Lake Playhouse for developing and giving access to the online platform to receive donations.

Amber Findlay

Robert McFletcher-Jones


WCThunder Productions