Dear Editor:

Regardless of the recent Supreme Court decision leaving abortion regulation to the states, women will continue to have abortions, regardless of where they live.

If they live in a state where abortion is effectively illegal, mostly in Southern states, and their circumstances prevent them from traveling to a “legal’ state, they will try anyway, using whatever they can. Women will die.

For the moment, abortion is legal in the State of Illinois. But that can change with a Republican state legislature and a Republican governor. It could also change with a Republican U.S. Congress or Senate. 

Would any mom want to tell her daughter that their savings must be exhausted by travel to another state or, even worse, travel out of the country? Would any mother want to see her daughter die from a botched abortion?

It gets worse. The supposedly non-partisan Supreme Court indicated, in Clarence Thomas’ separate affirmation,  that  the right of privacy does not exist under the U.S. Constitution. Are you ready to say goodbye to birth control?

Are you ready to say goodbye to marrying a black man if you are a white woman? Are you ready to say goodbye to marrying another man if you are gay? 

If not, then vote in the November elections. Know the candidates’ positions on these issues, and you will find the candidates who support privacy rights are overwhelming Democratic and represent the majority of public opinion.

Women, pay attention in November. The future of your life, the lives of your daughters and granddaughters, and of the United States as a democratic republic depend on it. 

 John Gloor