Dear Editor:

In reply to the Letter to the Editor “County Board and Sheriff ‘are keeping us safe,’” (June 11-12 Mirror-Democrat/Times-Journal), my quarrel is not with the sheriff; I believe he does his best to keep us safe.

I have not talked with him and do not know whether his thinking on gun laws is his own, or for instance, for NRA threats to fund an opponent. I have no idea why he feels this way.

But speaking of the NRA, here are some facts. Many people are surprised to learn that the NRA does not represent gun owners. It represents gun and gun accessory manufacturers.

Memberships — the social welfare arm of the NRA — spent $270,000 in boutique suites for the president and $3 million apiece for self-dealing contracts with nonprofit board members.

The NRA spends $97,787 a day, seven days a week, year round, for legal costs. They are currently under federal investigation for mismanagement, including taking money from Russia for political influence peddling.

People in Carroll County aren’t rich. Let our officials know we don’t want to spend the county’s time or money on NRA talking points or opportunity lawsuits.

Rescind the county resolution (supporting the 2nd Amendment). Let the NRA pay $100,000 a day for litigation and fancy suites. They can afford it. We can’t.

Doris Steffen