Dear Editor:

I read with dismay the front page story, “Discount store is expected for Mount Carroll,” in the Oct. 30 Carroll County Mirror-Democrat.

This will be a disaster. I go to Do It Best (Mount Carroll Home Center) and I talk to Fred (Paschke) and I know part of my money stays here in town. I can see he treats his workers well. I go across the street to Shaw's Marketplace, again the same story. Part of every dollar I spend there stays in town.

Now a discount store wants to come to town. Everybody in town operates on small margins. A discount store will be enough to hurt them and hurt them badly.

Oh, there will be the wonderful get acquainted deals and the discounts on milk, the so-called "lost leaders" that a national chain can afford. But bang! Then Shaw's and Fred's are gone or left struggling.

The discount store will offer great part-time jobs. But once you've worked for a national chain you won't think so or even work there very long. The turnover in some national chains is 100% annually. I go to Shaw's; I think the help must be treated well because many of them have been there for over 20 years.

Fred Paschke and Bob Hatheway keep their money in town and spend it in town. The national chain has already sent our money to national headquarters even before we can get to our cars in the parking lot.

This is not economic development; it's another nail in the coffin.

Chuck Wemstrom

Mount Carroll