Dear Editor:

As I began reading the letter, "Supreme Court backs expression of opinion" (May 26-27 Mirror-Democrat/Times-Journal), my reaction was to agree completely.

Although it is childish to place a vulgar expression before the name of a political figure, the offending sign was on private property and protected by the First Amendment.

Then I got to the sentence, "What one should really ask is whether one prefers that the opinions of citizens be policed by priggish Democrats, left-wing social media, or the social pressures of a like-minded gaggle of leftists or would prefer the sort of free-wheeling, messy, and sometimes offensive give and take of a free people envisioned by the Founding Fathers."

What do Democrats and "leftists" have to do with it, I wondered. It's often the Right that objects most to vulgarity; after all, many of them are Evangelical Christians. And I've seen the F-word in front of both Democratic and Republican politicians.

Now, who is it that can take any issue whatsoever and turn it into a screed against "the Left"? Sure enough, the letter was signed by David Hanson.

Pat Wemstrom

Mount Carroll