Dear Editor:

It has become almost a cliché to decry the lack of civil discourse between Republicans and Democrats. Carol Gloor's letter in the June 1-2 Carroll County Mirror-Democrat and Savanna Times-Journal ('Gun safety public health concern') exemplifies how we got to this point.

She is so certain that she is right that she can see no reason Republicans would oppose Democrats other than being "in the pay, literally or figuratively, of the National Rifle Association." As if to underline the absolute certainty that she is right and her enemies are wrong, she dismisses Tony McCombie as "our hometown girl representative," a sexist portrayal akin to referring to Nancy Pelosi as our girl Speaker of the House.

Her emotional rant might be easier to take if she threw in an occasional fact. Her attack on Tony McCombie was occasioned by her opposition to requiring fingerprinting to get a FOID card. Not only does Carol not hazard a guess as to how fingerprinting would save even one life, she doesn't seem to appreciate the pointlessness of Illinois' FOID card in the first place.

Let's see, if I wanted to buy a gun, I would undergo a background check by the Illinois State Police to get a FOID card. Once I had FOID card in hand, I could go to my favorite gun shop to order the gun and then wait for it while the ISP does another background check to see if I am fit to own a gun. No wonder most states don't even have FOID cards.

In citing Australia vs. the U.S. to equate more guns with more killings, she resorts to cherry-picking the statistics. Russia and Mexico have more restrictive gun laws than we do and also higher homicide rates.

Her reference to Uvalde fails to mention how more restrictive gun laws on top of the tens of thousands of laws we already have would have prevented the security lapses and police bungling that contributed to the death toll there.

I suppose if I were a Democrat facing the prospect of midterm elections in the fall with a confused president with dismal approval ratings, inflation at 40-year highs, gasoline prices flirting with $5 per gallon, illegal aliens flooding across the border, and a botched foreign policy, I might prefer emotion to reality as well.

David Hanson