Dear Editor:

It has been a year since a West Carroll teacher was accused of inappropriate contact with a female student. Police and DCFS came to his home and removed him because he has girls.

He was gone from his family for five days, was not allowed on school property, therefore he could not go to any school activities. He missed 30-plus activities his children were involved in. But he could have attended as a parent, which the superintendent never informed him of that.

He has never gotten any support form this superintendent.

An investigation started what should have been 60 days, lasted six months. There were videos and a witness that showed and said it never happened. He got his letter from DCFS stated, "unfounded."

He has never been supported by this superintendent.

When it came time to apply for his job, he was told that he probably wouldn't get hired "because how would that look for the school district?"

Again, no support.

There have been numerous hires for Spanish this year. How long do our children have to suffer? How long does this excellent teacher have to suffer?

He has never gotten an apology from the student, or the parents, or superintendent.

Catherine Guild