Dear Editor:

“We the People” — what dynamic words. We had a wonderful meal then were introduced to three gentlemen that talked about “Voices and Votes: Democracy in America” at Majestic Pines on Oct. 14.

Our table was remembering the words to the preamble of the Constitution which we were taught in grade and high school.

Val Gunnarson stood up and started telling us all about the Constitution with such interest and knowledge.

Peter Mills talked about his career as a U.S. Army lieutenant colonel and his time in Vietnam and experiences in the Army, with a touch of humor as well.

James Schoenhaar, a Savanna High School graduate, joined the Army and was an intelligence analyst and traveled the countries. He explained, what he could, about his duties and experiences to us.

It was unfortunate that Ken Lang was not able to attend to tell of his career also. He was sadly missed.

We experienced three amazing men, with three different occupations, honoring our democracy, telling us how important we are to help our country to get back on track. What confident, knowledgeable, interesting, supportive men explaining how much our country needs us to do our part by voting, believing in our country, and also to enjoy the display from the Smithsonian Institute Museum on display at the Savanna Historical Society building through Nov. 13.

A special thank you to John LeComte, Jean Jones, Ann Zink and the many volunteers from the Historical Society for the work they did to make the evening a huge success.

Thank you all for the great evening. “We the People” — what dynamic words.

Dallas Kosier