Dear Editor:

As the Savanna High School alumni weekend approaches (Saturday, June 15), I would like to encourage graduates while they are "home" to purchase a paver for the Savanna Veterans Monument to honor themselves, a parent, child, grandparent, aunt, uncle, friend, or classmate who served or who are currently serving our country in all branches, whether abroad or stateside, wartime or peacetime, enlisted or drafted or served or are serving in the Reserves or Guard.

Our goal is to fill the walls. We expanded the size to accommodate approximately 200 more pavers. You may go to the website at and download a paver form at the DONATIONS section.

If you need help with your information, please contact any committee member listed on the website and we will steer you in the right direction. As little as name, branch and years of service or more details can be put on the paver.

Dedication will be Memorial Day, 2020, with a good start of the site done by Veterans Day, 2019. We hope to have our walls filled with our local heroes' names to honor our veterans — past and present.

Thank you and thank all veterans!

Carol Canier

Savanna Veterans Monument Committee Member