Dear Editor:

Mrs. Castro, I was pleased to see that at the start of your last letter to the editor (Oct. 9-10 Carroll County Mirror-Democrat/Savanna Times-Journal), you had graduated from calling me the male theater owner to Mr. Colgan.  I thought, wow, we are starting to get along so well until, wham, you called me a liar, that 90 percent of what I had written was false. 

Well, Mrs. Castro, what's not true? I reread my letter and could find no untruths. The only thing that was questionable or misleading was the statement that said I was a good-looking fat man who also owns the theater. Well, I am only part-owner.  

I think you are suffering from “sometimers.” I did not come out of the theater yelling, as you stated. The 16-year-old girl and I did walk toward each other, she with a basket of condoms and a smirk on her face asking if I wanted a condom for the second time and me wanting to school her on who needs condoms and who doesn't.

Evidently her mother had not explained that to her yet. You, the grandmother, and her own mother, people who are supposed to give her good advice, threw her to the wolves. Apparently you didn't think things through very thoroughly. If you had, one of you would have been the one handing out the condoms instead of putting the minor in a difficult situation.

The trouble is that you cannot handle the truth. You came down to the theater for attention and I obliged you. You started the letter writing, I responded. You started the name calling even though I haven't stooped so low.

Now you are trying to take my rights away by telling me to shut my mouth and to take a seat. As far as slandering goes, I feel that I have been the one slandered. Go back and look at my first letter again,  tell me, where did I slander Sara DeSpain/Purdom?

I will give you credit, though. You made me feel like I was in junior high again with the name calling, talking about condoms, chicks writing me notes, and hearing shut up and sit down.  I felt like I was 15 years old again and wishing I had a condom.

Hindsight is 20-20, Mrs. Castro. Instead of bringing three generations of your family (you, your daughter, and two minor granddaughters) to protest in the rain, maybe you should have opted for ice cream instead. 

Lars Colgan