Dear Editor:

The West Carroll School Board has been talking about covering the asbestos tiles at the high school in Savanna and leaving them there. They better check with the state, as I don’t think they will be allowed to do that.

And if they re-roof the high school and it has asbestos tile on it, they will need to hire a company licensed to do that; not just anyone can do that. When they get done they will still have an old building and later on it will need other repairs.

I think the best thing to do is take that money and build on to the middle school in Mount Carroll, if necessary.

As for the miles put on the school buses, a lot are miles driving back and forth. I have met as many as four buses when I go to Savanna and all the buses are empty. One thing they can do is cut back on sports.

And another thing I would like to know is why the teachers need to have an assistant to help them. The class sizes get smaller but you have to hire helpers? Something is wrong. They need to be hiring teachers who are ready to teach.

Gary Katzenberger

Mount Carroll