Dear Editor:

It broke my heart to read the March 25 edition of the Carroll County Mirror-Democrat.

The front page story detailing how our local restaurants are helping each other to survive these times, while being supported by the public, raised my spirits mightily.

Bob Watson's article on page three broke my heart, especially this statement:

"In fact, this may (well) be the last issue you will be reading for a while."

If our local newspapers cease to exist, will we be reduced to searching out unverified sources such as rumors and "I just heard through the grapevine" for local information?

Where will we follow and discuss local issues if we no longer have the Letters to the Editor? Yes, even the Wemstrom - Hanson feuds!

How many Facebook posts will we need to search to find the information that is published in one place?

How will Mayfest and charitable events get the word out?

From birthdays and anniversaries, fire and ambulance calls; obituaries; county, city and township meeting notices; local business contact information and special events (Fireman's Breakfast, Chick Day!) and during this current crisis, their cancellations; library, school and church information; court notices; realtor listings; classifieds and even animals available for adoption, our local paper informs us of local news that goes unreported anywhere else.

All for pennies a day. These papers are a lifeline to our small communities.

Our local newspapers have provided decades of service to our communities. It's time for us to show them our appreciation in their time of need.

Please keep local journalism alive! Subscribe.

Lisa Leipus

Mount Carroll