Dear Editor:

If we estimate there are currently 200 Savanna high school students, 100 Mount Carroll and 50 Thomson students, moving the high school will require 250 more Thomson and Savanna students to be bused or driven to and from Mount Carroll.

If we keep the West Carroll High School in Savanna, 150 high school students from Mount Carroll and Thomson will be bused or driven to and from Savanna.

Thomson and Mount Carroll high school students and parents will have about the same distance and time to the high school.

Otherwise, Thomson (York) students and parents will pay double the price in time and mileage every day to attend high school in Mount Carroll.

Regardless of how this affects rural students, this principle is true: busing two smaller populations into Savanna requires less time and money whether it's busing or personal transportation.

The mostly 19th century Shimer/Campbell Center redevelopment plan will cost approximately $60 million to create 51 living units over the first three phases, plus described amenities to be updated or built new. Rents are anticipated to be between $650 and $950 per month. Do the math.

Recent meetings have revealed there is a strong desire by some to close the West Carroll High School in Savanna for reasons other than what's "good for students and teachers."

There are four school board seats open for filing this fall and election next April.

Gary "Scott" Law