Dear Editor:

The Savanna Chamber of Commerce would like to share their position statement on the proposed closure and realignment of the West Carroll High School. 

We are deeply concerned regarding the future education of our students. We have listened to many teachers who know our students and their needs better than anyone.

It’s very clear that the students’ education would be affected negatively if we were to combine the high school students with the middle school students.  Overcrowded classrooms have a negative impact on the performance of both educators and learners and thus making the student-to-teacher ratio unfavorable. 

The Savanna Chamber of Commerce not only exists to promote our local businesses but to also promote the community as a whole and to enrich the lives in our community. 

We believe that the high school should remain in Savanna. The loss of a school would prove detrimental to our future growth potential. We have worked so hard to build and grow the downtown and without a high school, we will no longer attract young families to the area.  We need our young adults to continue to work and invest back into our community. 

Without a high school we will have yet another school sitting empty with weeds growing and only memories of our once thriving community.  There is something to be said about living in a small community where we can provide a better quality of life, a culture of community support, and promote diversity and entrepreneurial opportunities.

The West Carroll High School is a structurally sound building and designed for high school students. Savanna is recovering from the closure of the Savanna Army Depot (in the late 1990s) and we cannot afford to lose another important “tie” to our community.

We are in full support of keeping the high school in Savanna, not only for the educational benefits to our students, but to allow for future generations to continue to benefit from living in a rural community. 

We encourage our residents to stay informed, be involved in discussions, and attend meetings where you can voice your opinion. 

“The philosophy of the school room in one generation will be the philosophy of government in the next.” — Abraham Lincoln.

Savanna Chamber

of Commerce

Officers & Board of Directors

Cassie Wurster,

Executive Director