Dear Editor:

Once again, serial letter writer David Hanson gets to wear the dunce cap for his recent epistle on Social Security (Feb. 7-8 Carroll County Mirror-Democrat/Savanna Times-Journal).

Hanson apparently has taken one of his leftover sleeping pills in order to snooze through the widely reported news that Florida U.S. Sen. Rick Scott has stated in his platform proposal for the Republican Party that Social Security and the popular Medicare be "sunsetted" every five years.

This means, if the GOP cost-cutting measure is approved, that Social Security and Medicare would have to be reauthorized every five years.

With the GOP now in charge of the House of Representatives, such a reauthorization would not pass. Such action would be a disaster for millions of senior citizens, including many in Carroll County.

In his State of the Union address — and subsequent stops in Wisconsin and Florida — President Biden has called out Republicans such as Scott and Sens. Mike Lee (Utah) and Ron Johnson (Wisconsin) who have talked about significant changes to the major entitlement programs to address the nation's debt. The president's remarks during his State of the Union Address elicited jeers, catcalls and booing from some Republicans.

I can visualize Hanson yelling "liar" at his TV along with GOP rock star Marjorie Taylor Greene during Biden's address.

I wonder how Hanson feels about the GOP holding the nation hostage over raising the national debt and Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis banning books in school libraries.

Paul Gale

Bradenton, Fla.

Paul Gale, formerly of Savanna, is now a resident of Bradenton, Fla., and a summertime resident of Freeport.