Dear Editor:

How lucky Mount Carroll is to have Shaw's Marketplace in our community. Not only do they offer an outstanding grocery store for an area as small as ours, but they go the extra mile in the service department.

Last week First Evangelical Lutheran Church of Mount Carroll held their annual Ham Ball Take-Out Supper and Shaw's was a key player in the event. Groceries were purchased there and if they didn't have it they found it for us.

We placed a last-minute 230-roll order that was ready for us the morning of the Jan. 24 event. When bad weather was an issue they delivered our order, and when we ran out of refrigerator space they found some for us.

What makes this all the more remarkable is they did this with a smile. You could never find that kind of service in a big box store.

Lastly, shop Shaw's Marketplace, who believes in small-town pride.

Mount Carroll First Evangelical Lutheran

Ham Ball Committee