Dear Editor:

In his rush to defend President Trump, David E. Hanson neglects to mention some important pieces of information.

There were at least four sources for Jeffrey Goldberg's article claiming that Trump disparaged the military, calling Americans killed in war "losers" and "suckers." Parts of the story have been verified by the Associated Press, the Washington Post and even Fox News.

Hanson says people present at the time the remark was allegedly made have denied its veracity. But several of these people are blindly loyal to Trump. Others, including John Bolton, have admitted that they were not with Trump every second and cannot answer for what might have been said when they were out of earshot.

The article was not on some Facebook post; it was in the Atlantic, a highly-respected magazine. The anonymous sources may very well fear retaliation by the president, or by his enthusiastic supporters.

And other sources, at other times, have given evidence of Trump's disdain for American soldiers. Witness his statement that John McCain was not a "war hero" and that Trump likes people "who weren't captured."

Hanson, of course, can disbelieve the Atlantic article. However, calling the story a "Democrat 'lie of the day'" and a "Democrat invention" is the height of irresponsibility.

Whoever these sources are, and their existence has been verified, they are people who are close to Donald Trump. They are certainly not Democrats.

Pat Wemstrom

Mount Carroll