Dear Editor:

Who is "They"?

A phrase often heard when people get together and discuss what is happening in Mount Carroll is "They" should do something about (downtown, the Kraft Building, new businesses coming, better phone service/internet, incentives for new jobs, prison workers relocating, tourism, etc.).

For the above actions, we are "They.” We are the Mount Carroll Economic Development Group (MCEDG), formerly the Mount Carroll Community Development Corporation (CDC).

MCEDG differs from the CDC in that it is a non-profit 501(c)3 tax-exempt charitable organization. Our fresh new board is focused on growth in our great city.

The MCEDG mission is local economic development and all members are volunteers. We are currently recruiting members who want to actively take on a role of helping our community continue to grow.

If you are a "do-er" willing to donate some of your time, please contact us on Facebook or our website

If you are an individual that would like to support the continued growth of Mount Carroll but are unable to take on a role, we would be happy to accept a donation.

Mount Carroll has a lot of good things happening now and MCEDG would like to keep the momentum going. If you are willing to put your words into actions and change your verbiage from "they should" to "we will," please come join us.


President Doug Sherf,

Vice President John Boelkins

Secretary-Treasurer Eina Schroeder