Dear Editor:

As a retired West Carroll educator and the mother of a West Carroll graduate, I care about the West Carroll School District and am concerned about the high school location controversy. A few keys points are important to remember.

School buildings close. Period. They close when they are no longer needed, in some cases even if they are in good condition.

In my 39 years of teaching, I have worked in districts which closed a total of seven school buildings. In each case alumni were sad but came to understand that the shuttering of their building was best for the school district in the long run.

We also need to keep in mind that decisions regarding school utilization are solely the responsibility of the board of education after considering all the issues involved. Our school board has indulged far more community input than any school board I have ever seen before, for which they deserve considerable credit.

I have no idea what the ultimate outcome will be for our current high school building, but whatever the school board members decide, I will respect their dedication to students and staff.

How we adults handle this process will provide a powerful example for our students. We are West Carroll Community District 314, and we need to remember that.

Anne Burch

Mount Carroll