Dear Editor:

This is to all citizens of the West Carroll School District:

While I had promised myself I was done making public comments, in light of April 15’s school board meeting/webinar, I feel compelled once again to take to the public forum of the newspaper to share a few thoughts.

I grew up in Thomson. My husband and I graduated from York Township High School. Our three children graduated from Thomson High School, as did three of our foreign exchange students.

My husband was on the Thomson School Board for 12 years. I worked in that school for many years as an accompanist, getting to know many young people as they grew up. Were we sad to see Thomson close? Of course! We have many fond memories of that school and our school family there but that's part of the past.

Now we have a sign in our front yard that says "WE ARE WEST CARROLL!" When consolidation took place, different school buildings became part of my life. Another five of our exchange students have been a part of the West Carroll student population. I have become fond of our West Carroll students, whether they are from Thomson, Savanna or Mount Carroll. It gives me joy when they succeed and sadness when they don't.

It concerned me greatly when someone approached me at a West Carroll basketball game in January to tell me that, of course, I knew the high school should have been in Mount Carroll since consolidation took place. I could hear a divisive tone already and wonder if that person already knew of the events that have unfolded since then.

I'm proud that our students have joined together as West Carroll. I don't think most of them separate themselves by geographic location. They have Thunder pride! They will have fond memories of "their" school, as we all have.

What can WE do to see that those memories are not tarnished by backbiting and loyalty to one town over another? What can WE do physically to improve our current high school? What can WE do to be encouragers, not discouragers?

Let's put the WE back into WEst Carroll!

Beth Bower

Argo Fay