Dear Editor:

It has been an unfortunate set of circumstances that I am needing to write this letter.

First of all, when I approached the Mount Carroll fire chief about honoring World War II vets as parade marshals this year, I felt it was going to be a great way to appreciate our town’s American Legion World War II veterans.

I in no way meant it to downplay any other veterans of that war or any other military service veteran. It was my thought that the three named Legion veterans, all of which have been lifelong Legionnaires and continuous proponents of our city, should duly be recognized in such an event as our 4th of July parade.

Since it was announced in the June 19 edition of the Carroll County Mirror-Democrat, I have been under the gun to include other veterans, and I will be more than happy to include them on the ride of the parade, but I will stand by the initial request of World War II vets, specifically, to be the parade grand marshals.

It is with great pride that we have in our midst yet these veterans, who have been tagged as "The Greatest Generation," and we are able to give them the honors of which they are due, as well as all vets, no matter where, when or how they served this great nation of ours.

God bless our veterans and God bless America.

Richard Ottens


Mount Carroll American

Legion Post 67