Dear Editor:

There's a buzz about town and it starting to get louder. What's the buzz about, you ask? Opportunity is knocking and we need to answer the call.

The Mount Carroll Community Foundation has created an opportunity for all of us to step up and help our home town. They will be hosting an event at the Carroll County Senior Center on Thursday, Nov. 4, that will provide information on how we can all be involved in answering the knocking you hear around town. Opportunities abound!

We all know we are a close-knit community, past residents and current ones alike feel safe here and that is only one of the many things that make Mount Carroll special. I see quite often on social media a comment from someone that went to school here or lived here briefly and still favor Mount Carroll as one of their home towns.

I'm one of the people that I am talking about, my wife and kids and I moved out of Mount Carroll in 1989 for a job opportunity for me, and while only 30 minutes away, have always called Mount Carroll home when talking to new friends. I know friends that I went to school with in Mount Carroll and they moved away only to return later in life, obviously something drew them back.

That is why we need to get the word out to all our family, friends, contacts on social media and even enemies, if you have any. This will be an open forum gathering and sharing of information and ideas on how we can all commit to helping our town like our forefathers did for us generations ago. Why did they do it? Because they cared enough to make something special for us. We need to be thinking the same way for our future generations.

So, if you have an hour or so of time on Nov. 4 at 6:30 p.m., come on out to the Carroll County Senior Center on East Benton Street and listen to what is being shared. You will be provided with many ideas that you might be able to put into a plan. This will be stuff that a lot of us haven't heard about before, but we all need to hear now, if not for Mount Carroll today then for sure Mount Carroll tomorrow.

Bradley Fritz