Dear Editor:

Savanna’s Wacker Road with sidewalks! Who will walk them? I grew up on Wacker Road; not there now. Years ago, I recall little, if any, pedestrian presence.

The walk to nearby Chestnut Park School was done alone. On one side was corn (which harbored pheasants, not killers and dead ball players). On the other were passing Helle lumber trucks, shedding enough bolts and gears to feed my dream of making my own truck.

Along the way one could practice dribbling a basketball on uneven gravel and around potholes that played defense. My brother and I would pull a wagon down Wacker, with coffee can and shovel, to Plum River to dig fishworms. We met cars, but no people, who were wisely averse to mosquitoes and nettles. Neighbors were too busy or laid up to walk dogs on Wacker.

Later on walking exercise was reserved for the long ramp into the Mississippi Belle casino. Kids avoided Wacker. They went to the pool or Helle Park, a block away. Bikes were also rare. On side streets, kids mostly outran dogs in short displays of speed. But Wacker saw little family bike touring.

I recall, however, one pedestrian, an elderly slim gentleman in overalls. His shirt pocket always bulged with enough pencils to transcribe “War and Peace.” He walked slowly but steadily. One sad day he came no more. One of your readers may know who he was.

But as things change, so has Wacker Road. So, Chestnut Park, get out and enjoy that concrete.

Randy Weirather

Vancouver, Wash.