Dear Editor:

I'm writing to ask you to support H. Res. 109, the Green New Deal. I have already written Rep. Bustos, Senators Duckworth and Durbin, and I hope you will too.

I've read the resolution and every idea, suggestion and plan has been on the Democrats' wish list for years. The plan is not radical, extreme or too ambitious. If we had started with a similar plan in the 1990s when James Hansen was first discussing global warming, then it might have sounded overly ambitious, but even then it was, as you know, what we should have done.

The plan calls for a 10-year implementation period. As you also know, that's about all the time we have left to put this plan, with some modifications or adaptations, into effect. The beauty of the plan is that because it is an environmental plan and an economic plan, we can talk about the whole picture and not have a thousand piece-meal discussions.

For example, in northwest Illinois, we can finally talk about Highway 20 and agree to maintain the road for now, but no expansion and instead buses up and down the highway and across the tri-county region right now and rail in the near future.

We can talk to our farmer neighbors about ethanol, not as an environmental issue, but as an economic issue. As we rely less and less on private vehicles and burn less and less fossil fuels we won't need ethanol, but we will still need agricultural production as farmland in the west and south is lost to climate change.

We can talk about a new tourist industry based on the staycation, and more jobs because the tourists will want more environmentally friendly experiences — more bird watching, hiking, camping and less shopping. The Mississippi River will become even more important. The Palisades State Park will need an overhaul.

And we can talk about jobs to make all of this happen especially in the small towns from Mount Carroll to Savanna to Galena, from Stockton to Freeport and even Rockford. And because the resolution also talks about minorities, we can work to see that they are included in the implementation.

I have not been as excited about a plan since LBJ's Great Society. And my parents, who loved FDR and the New Deal, would have love this plan.

Chuck Wemstrom

Mount Carroll