Dear Editor:

Over the past few weeks Donald Trump has been grousing about voting by mail as being rife with fraud and that Republicans would never be elected again. As usual Trump is blowing smoke, somehow clueless that voting by mail has been in effect for years in seven states, including Utah, Colorado and Oregon, with no real voting fraud scandals.   

Oregon voters have re-elected super conservative Republican Greg Walden to Congress for at least 20 years and many in the state legislature are right wingers who toe the conservative ideology of Trump and other past Republican presidents. Voting by mail in Oregon began in 1998.

In Colorado, where voting by mail began in 2013, the make-up of the Colorado General Assembly is 60 Democrats and 40 Republicans. U.S Sen. Cory Gardner is a Republican, and you have had in the past many conservative Republicans elected to the state legislature and Congress.  

Meanwhile, in Utah where voting by mail began in 2017, the home of staunch conservative Mitt Romney and by no means a liberal state, the majority of state legislators are Republicans with 82 out of 104 seats.  

The idea that Republicans can't win by voting by mail is absurd and most who pay attention know that the Republican party nationwide is constantly working on voter suppression in many states, most recently in Georgia, and they will continue to do so as they have done for years to cheat to win elections. 

Trump didn't tell his audience that the most recent example of voting fraud was in the 9th Congressional district in North Carolina by a Republican. Moreover, the military for years has voted by mail with absentee ballots and voting fraud has not been an issue with that voting base. 

Due to the mismanagement of the Covid-19 by Trump and, the recent stupidity of many a citizen not social distancing or wearing masks, a second outbreak is likely. 

Voting by mail is a means to lessen the risk for all citizens who want to exercise their rights and not risk getting sick, like at least 50 recent voters in Wisconsin did, who were denied absentee ballots.

I am sure those folks who tested positive for Covid-19 in Milwaukee wish they had voted by mail and voting by mail could save lives for both Republican and Democratic voters if the virus re-emerges in the fall.

Grant Wiegert