Dear Editor:

Former Savanna Fire Chief Benny Hess did not give the tree on the corner of Chicago Avenue and Main Street to the City of Savanna.

About 40 years ago Cindy and Tammy Charneski were in Scouts and they each were given a pine tree sapling in honor of Arbor Day.

One tree was planted in the back yard of the Charneskis and the other tree was planted in the back yard of the Specks on Main Street. The years went by and the trees grew taller and wider.

One day Don Nehrkorn (Savanna’s mayor at the time) asked the firemen that were at the station if any of them knew anyone that had a pine tree that they would like to donate to the city, My dad, Ed Speck, said he did. The tree in his back yard was getting way too big for the yard.

The city hired a nursery that had the big scoop that scooped up tree out of the yard on Main Street and planted it on the corner of Main Street and Chicago Avenue where it sits now.

The Speck family has been so grateful to Jo-Carroll Energy for lighting the tree every holiday season. It keeps our loved ones’ spirit alive. Thank you, Jo-Carroll Energy.

We fondly call that majestic pine tree, “Dad’s tree.”

Betty Speck

Harry and Linda Grissinger

Bob and Melody Charneski