Dear Editor:

Recycling bins overflow with items that could be reused in other ways. By looking at the problem creatively, we can take a bite out of our recycling.

One story that inspired me was from Anthony Curcio, CEO of SQZ Beverages in Lanark. Anthony and his "solutions man," Tom Downing are thinking outside the box.

Not happy with just recycling, Anthony and Tom found a second life for the mountain of boxes left over each day after bottling their popular product. Tom delivers the cardboard cartons to Kaatz Bros. in Savanna who then reuse the boxes to ship KB Lures to mail-order customers all over the world.

Anthony also told me that the glass jars that SQZ is bottled in are being recycled creatively by many of his customers into desk sets for pens, crayons and scissors, or filled with candy and cash as a gift for a student away at college.

Nurture your creativity and it will reward you. Trust your crazy ideas. Do it again, you can recycle creatively.

Linda Anderson

Mount Carroll