Dear Editor:

Like many Americans, I rely on the Post Office to deliver my prescriptions. Currently, I have a package containing one of my prescriptions sitting in a postal center in Aurora, Ill., where it's been stuck for the past 10 days. On two different occasions I've contacted the "help" number provided on to express my concerns and stress the importance of having my package delivered.

Both times I received an email indicating the issue was resolved and that the delay was due to COVID-19. The last email suggested that if I did not receive my package in another week, I should call them once again. This is simply unacceptable and not the sort of service I have become accustomed to from many years of reliable and timely deliveries.

If I never receive this package I can only imagine the difficult conversation and many hoops I'll have to jump through with my insurance company to try and get this prescription filled again. Delays like this don't just cost time and money, they can also cost lives.

We now know this situation is caused not by an effort to improve service, but rather to benefit President Trump's quest for re-election.

Luckily, we have a fighter here in Illinois who stands up for us. Cheri Bustos saw this problem. In the midst of a pandemic she flew back to Washington and voted to save our Post Office.

For my health, and yours, let's hope it gets fixed. Thank you, Congresswoman Bustos.

Bev Kilpatrick

Mount Carroll