Dear Editor:

On Monday, Dec. 16, after a bad fall at my home and my wife calling 911, I had, under the circumstances, the opportunity to meet some nice, knowledgeable, full and volunteer Savanna Ambulance personnel who responded.

I was totally taken back how the transportation crew comprised of Becky Sobin, paramedic, Wendy Popkins, EMT, and on-scene crew paramedics, Stephane Brown and Charlie Corey, worked and got me to the Clinton hospital.

They are more than just emergency personnel, they are ā€” and Iā€™m sure all of the Savanna Ambulance crew who volunteer for such important work are ā€” a dedicated group and I cannot say thank you enough.

If not for all those quiet volunteers like them, these teams would not exist and Savanna would suffer.

Thank a Savanna Ambulance volunteer when you see one, for your well-being may some day depend on it.

Tom and Letha Robbe