Dear Editor:

A big thank you to everyone who attended the Mount Carroll Community Foundation forum on Planned Giving last month.

There is so much wonderful work happening at the Mount Carroll Community Foundation and one of the very best parts of being president of the foundation's advisory board is sitting down with people from across our community to talk about giving. The goal of these conversations is to create a space for thinking deeply about why we give and what we give and how we give.

The foundation recently held a forum to share information and ideas on how we can all commit to helping our town like our forefathers did for us generations ago. Why did they do it? Because they cared enough to make something special for us. We wanted to discuss the need to be thinking the same way for our future generations.

Some comments made by attendees after the forum were "this was very helpful and gave me a lot to think about" and "I feel this forum was just for me since I've been thinking about the topics you discussed."

With such positive feedback, we are planning another forum in the spring of next year to give others a chance to learn more about giving back to their community and listen to what is being shared.

You will be provided with many ideas that you might be able to put into a plan. This will be stuff that a lot of us haven't heard about before, but we all need to hear now, if not for Mount Carroll today then for sure Mount Carroll tomorrow.

Mary Ann Hutchison

President, Advisory Board

Mount Carroll

Community Foundation