Dear Editor:

Attention Savanna residents, Savanna Indians and West Carroll alumni, local businesses, and all concerned citizens: I’d like to pass this request along.

This week and next week please email all West Carroll School Board members concerning keeping and maintaining all three school buildings.

Their names, districts and email addresses are posted below. And on a personal note, please include at least one positive comment about keeping the Savanna High School in Savanna.

I so hope families in this area will not be inclined to move from the area because of closing the Savanna High School and possibly not having an ideal school system.

At this point, it is in preliminary discussion. You can make the difference.

West Carroll Board of Education list of members:

•John McIntyre, president, Dist. 3,

•Beverly Kilpatrick, secretary, Dist. 1,

•Dawn Rath, board member, Dist. 2,

•Walt Miller, board member, Dist. 4,

•Shay Bradbury, board member, Dist. 5,

•Fred Tipton, board member, Dist. 6,

•Nicole Thulen, board member, Dist. 7,

Sharon Eckstein