Dear Editor:

I am writing to thank the 14 volunteers of Great River Outreach who are making anti-virus masks for people who live and work in the Savanna area.

I am also writing to thank Riverport Railroad, Law-Jones Funeral Home and Savanna Helping Savanna for donating funds to help this effort.

In the past two weeks the Great River Outreach has distributed more than 200 masks to workers at Big Meadows Nursing Home and at Sullivan’s Foods. We also have given masks to individuals.

Our goal is to get as many masks as possible out to all individuals, businesses, and individuals who need them in the local community.

If we are to succeed at this goal, we need more mask makers. Getting involved is easy. Just contact me, Pastor Gary Panetta of First Presbyterian Church, by calling or texting 815-590-1792. I can supply you with directions on how to make a mask. I also can give information regarding where to drop off finished masks.

You can also get more information by going to the Great River Outreach Facebook page, the First Presbyterian Church Facebook page, and the Savanna Helping Savanna Facebook page.

Let’s do everything we can to beat the virus, keep one another healthy, help our local businesses, and get back to work.

Rev. Gary Panetta

Great River Outreach

First Presbyterian Church