Dear Editor:

We have an opportunity to do a good thing here, people. We can make our West Carroll School District stronger and we can make our school district better. Our school district can have cash reserves and two modern attendance centers.

Our school district can have the resources to update curriculum, update technology, retain good teachers and provide the educational opportunities that will help our children compete in today's world.

We can give our taxpayers a more competitive tax rate — five years from now when the district's bond debt is paid in full.

We can make our school district a school district parents want their children to attend. We can make our community (and I'm talking the West Carroll community) a community people want to live in and raise their children.

We can do all this.

Or we can fix an old building that is no longer needed.

The choice is ours.

If we choose the building, the West Carroll School District (as we know it) will unravel very quickly.

Thomson is already making noise about leaving the district. If this is a possibility and I expect the process is difficult, Mount Carroll will not be far behind. Savanna will be left alone to pay for their old outdated building, one more time.

The choice is ours.

Please attend one of the West Carroll Town Hall meetings and encourage the school board to move forward with closing the old high school building in Savanna.

Gary Foltz

Mount Carroll