Dear Editor:

We are really sorry to learn that the school board is considering moving the high school out of Savanna.

Who would have thought that consolidating with Mount Carroll in the wrestling program years ago would eventually lead to a possible elimination of our high school in Savanna? Apparently some repairs need to be done in our high school and these can be taken care of.

Academics are extremely important but so are the many extra-curricular activities which give some students the incentive they need to keep their grades up in order to participate.

Since Savanna is the most centrally located town, keeping the high school in Savanna would save many students and families from considerable extra driving time and expense.

We also have an indoor swimming pool right next to the high school, if they should decide to use it. Another asset is the cement stadium by the football field and also bleachers on both ends of the stadium. There is also a track going all around the football field.

Perhaps it would be a good idea to move the superintendent’s office in Mount Carroll back into the middle school, therefore saving the expense of an extra building.

There is still a lot of thoughtful planning to be done before major changes are made. We encourage others to voice their ideas.

Jane and Charley Anderson