Dear Editor:

Due to limited amount of vaccine allocated to each state, the vaccine Covid-19 is being rolled out in phases in Illinois and information may be found in the Covid-19 Vaccination Plan (

To date Carroll County Health Department has received a very limited supply of Covid-19 vaccine. We have typically received 100-200 doses weekly and have very little advance notice.

Our first clinic was held on Jan. 4, 2021 and we have had 13 clinics. We started with phase 1a and have since progressed to phase 1b.

Phase 1b is a rather large group of people and due to the short supply of the vaccine, we try to alternate clinics between essential workers and the general public who may qualify. Phase 1b2 will start after Phase 1b1 is completed.

To date we have had 1,318 vaccines administered through the health department (400 administered at a Feb. 17 clinic that was set up by the health department but was staffed by FHN). Of the 1,318 doses, 1,081 were first doses and 237 were second doses.

At this time, the demand for Covid-19 vaccinations greatly exceeds the supply we receive from the State of Illinois. If individuals call into our office (815-244-8855), we put their name on a waiting list. Once we receive the vaccine, we schedule a clinic and start calling from the top of our waiting list.

We appreciate your patience and understanding.

Dawn Holland

Assistant Administrator

Carroll County

Health Department