Dear Editor:

I would like to say that it is wonderful to see all of the flags that are placed on the graves of those who served their country in war and peace.

When I visited my husband’s grave over the Memorial Day weekend at Oak Hill Cemetery in Mount Carroll, I noticed the many, many flags that were placed on the graves. However, my husband did not receive a flag even though he has a plaque showing his service in the Korean campaign.

This has happened before, but it didn't matter because my son placed a flag on his Dad's grave a few years ago. The flag has been there every day except for when I bring it home during the winter months.

When I visited his grave this past Saturday, June 5, I noticed while still driving that my son's flag was missing. I'm sure that it was mistakenly taken when all of the flags were collected. How this could have happened I don't know because the flag was old and did not have the same appearance as the flags that were placed on the graves.

I was upset because the flag had much meaning for me and my son. It can never be replaced because it was special to us considering its age and why my son placed it there in the first place.

If I decide to place another flag on my husband’s grave, I will be sure to wait until after the Memorial Day weekend.

Ruth DeMuth

Mount Carroll